Antibes Therapeutics
Toronto, Canada

Non-addictive therapeutics for pain and inflammation.  Several investments in 2018.

Abaxx Technologies
Singapore & Seattle
Blockchain based exchange for commodities and IP. Investment in Series A (2018).

Amex Exploration
Montreal, Canada
High-grade gold discovery. Several investments since 2019.

Azumah Resources
Gold deposits in Ghana. Investment in 2018.

Vancoucer, Canada & London, UK
Early detection of dementia. Several investments since 2017.

Genius XV (Coingenius)
California, USA
Democratizing data for the new digital economy. Investment in 2018.

Fans Unite
Vancouver, Canada
Social sports betting based on Blockchain technology. Equity and token investment in Series A (2018).

Glacial Bottle
Gustavsberg, Sweden
Sustainable water bottles – no more plastic. Several investments since 2019.

Hello Pal
Hangzhou, China
Language learning apps, over 3M downloads. Investment in several rounds since 2015.

Irving Resources
Gold mining.  Several investment since 2916.

K92 Mining
Papua New Guinea
High grade gold mine. Investment in several rounds since 2015.

High grade lithium deposit in Argentina. Investment at $4M in 2015, takeover at $260M in 2018.

Nanalysis Scientific
Calgary, Canada
Benchtop NMR devices. Investment 2019.

Nano One
Vancouver, Canada
Nano One makes nano materials affordable.
Investment 2017.

Montreal, Canada
Osisko found the largest Canadian gold mine and put it in production. The company grew from $3M in 2004 to $4.2B in 2014 when it got bought out.

Toronto, Canada
Luxury beauty brand. Investment in Series A and Series B.

Toronto, Canada
Professional esports team franchise and content creator. Invest in 2019.

San Francisco, USA
Advanced AI and AR technologies.
Several investment rounds since 2018.

Starton Therapeutics (Chemiocare)
Vancouver, Canada
Transdermal technologies. Several investments since 2018.

High-grade gold-copper-silver-molybdenum projects in Argentina and Peru.
Several Investments since 2019.

Vancouver, Canada
Printed electrochromic displays. Investment in several rounds since 2018.